Make Ranting a Daily Habit? Why You Should Say Yes!

Make Ranting a Daily Habit? Why You Should Say Yes!

I recently listened to a video from an Abraham Hicks workshop (think The Secret and Law of Attraction) where the workshop facilitator helps a woman, well, simply put, feel better.

The woman often finds herself feeling stuck and anxious about the business she owns, so the facilitator explains the importance of being aware of her feelings AND exactly what’s generating them.

She asks an important question:

“Can you feel outside of conditions, or do conditions control your feelings?”

Oh that’s good stuff, right? The wisdom in this question goes far beyond a business lesson.

Think about your own life for a moment. To what degree do conditions control your feelings on a daily basis? (Seriously, take a second to think.)

Your answer to the question can be the difference between a good and bad day, a successful or unsuccessful business, a fulfilled or unfulfilled life.

Your feelings even play a major role in your physical well-being. If you’re struggling to improve your health right now, consider whether your feelings (regardless of what you eat) may be holding you back.

For example, do you ever feel like…

  • You need to see a certain number on the scale in order to not feel disappointed in yourself?
  • You’ll feel beautiful and confident if you could just fit into those old skinny jeans?
  • You must look a certain way before you can really truly love yourself?

Those are all examples of conditional feeling. But what if you could make the shift to unconditional feeling?

What if you could feel good regardless of what the scale says? What if you could take that confident, free, beautiful feeling that you’ll have once you lose the weight / get the six-pack / reach your goal and feel that way every single day?

You might find it makes consistently nourishing your body with healthy food and exercise easier. And you might just fall in love with the evolution rather than waiting for the outcome.

So, how do you start feeling unconditionally?

Making this shift requires conscious effort at first, but all it really takes is a commitment to focus on thoughts that generate how you want to feel regardless of what’s happening around you as often as you can.

Going on an “unconditional rant” as the workshop facilitator suggests, is an excellent tool to help with this. Here’s how it works:

  1. Think about whatever you’re struggling with right now. Next, think about the progress you’ve made and all the parts of the struggle for which you’re grateful.
  2. Say it, think it, or write it – whatever fits the moment and gets you feeling good. Just keep the positive thoughts flowing stream-of-consciousness style without editing a word or worrying about how it sounds.
  3. Practice daily. The more often you rant, the bigger the mindset shift and the better you’ll get at taking control of your feelings.

Here’s an example of what an unconditional rant might sound like:

I love my body. I love the way I feel when I eat healthy food. I’m so grateful I understand how to eat to nourish my body. I’ve come so far already and I’m making positive changes every day. I trust that everything is happening at the right time. I’m so grateful the universe is giving me exactly what I need to transform my health and body. I love how I feel after I work out. I love how nourishing my body with healthy food enables me to do activities I enjoy and better support people I care about. I am transforming my health — I am health. I am beauty. I am vitality. I am love.

Now let’s hear your unconditional rant! Spread the love and share in the comments below.


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