Can Detoxing Make You Fitter?

Can Detoxing Make You Fitter?

You’ve probably heard the term “detoxing”…


And you might also already know that it’s great for your overall health, skin, digestion, etc. 


(For more on how your body’s detox system actually works, check out this post.)


But did you know that detoxing can directly affect your athletic performance?


Remember, it’s through *recovery* to exercise that the body is able to adapt and fitness improves. 


And your body’s ability to detox goes hand-in-hand with recovery, not to mention it can greatly impact how you actually feel in workouts. 


→ When you’re overloaded with toxins, recovery processes and energy production are impaired.


Your body’s job is to keep you alive, so filtering and storing harmful substances takes priority over functions that help you thrive — like properly absorbing nutrients and repairing muscle tissue. 


And if you’re not optimally recovering, you’re leaving progress on the table.


→ You can also think of your body like a machine, and detoxing is like a tune up.


Foods that support your body’s natural detox system provide it with better fuel, so of course, it’s going to run and perform better.


Now, in order to truly fuel right, not only do you need plenty of certain micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), but you need the right balance of macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat).


Many detox programs help you boost micros, but they don’t provide nearly enough of certain macros for a lot of people, especially if you’re active.


That’s why I created The Paleoish Performance Detox.


It was created with busy, active people in mind, so not only does it help you eat for better detoxification, it also gives you a step-by-step plan for better recovery, health and fitness.


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Get a step-by-step plan with The Paleoish Performance Detoxa health-focused reset for better fat loss & fitness.



Get a step-by-step plan with The Paleoish Performance Detoxa health-focused reset for better fat loss & fitness.